Frequently AskedQUESTIONS


An ereligio visitor can be anyone interested in religious products and services. However, it is important to specify that the purpose of ereligio is that to address to professionals of this sector, such as retailers, wholesalers, distributors, professionals, architects, installers, church representatives, pastoral workers, etc. Private individuals can freely access to the platform, but only for consultation, since sales are not possible.
ereligio is a religious products B2B, an alternative marketplace that does not do direct sales. It was created to facilitate the research of products and services of the religious world.
It is here that you can find everything that you were looking for, but not only! This platform also offers the possibility to create a direct and immediate contact with the manufacturer. Products are not only the core of the platform. ù
ereligio allows a very simple and easy interaction thanks to the INFORMATION REQUEST option, which you can find in every product page.

You can be update according two ways:
  1. registration to the newsletter
  2. registration as visitor and accept to receive the newsletter 
You can sign in as visitor and login at MY ERELIGIO by clicking here.
Once registered, you can access to your MY ERELIGIO and use al the exclusive services:
  • chat and history of your products requests
  • your wish list [work in progress]
  • reading the latest newsletter
  • special discounts from manufacturers
  • our support
ereligio is constantly updated, that is why we suggest you to login periodically and check the availability of new services.
On each product page, you can request information thanks to the INFORMATION REQUEST button. What you will have to do is simply writing your name, surname, the text of your message and click on SEND.
In that why the manufacturer will then receive an e-mail with your request. As soon as the manufacturer will answer to you, you will receive an e-mail alert and the message will appear in your CHAT, which is one of the services granted in MY ERELIGIO.
Of course!
At the page of the product or service of your interest there is a INFORMATION REQUEST button. In order to ask information, like the price, you need to click and complete the request procedure, which includes writing your name, surname, the text of your message.
After that, click on SEND.
Searching for a product is very easy!
Start typing the word of the product of your interest on the search bar at the top of the website (e.g. rosary, chalice, bell, etc...). As soon you will start typing, you will get some research suggestions.
Otherwise, on the ereligio home page click on the product category you are interested in and then on a subcategory. After that, you will be able to see all products, according to the last one added to our platform. Moreover, you can improve you research by using the filters that are available on the menu, on your left.
In order to let you have an easy research, we decided to divide products into CATEGORIES. In this right moment, you can find 12 categories on ereligio:
In order to simplify your research, we decide to divide each category into subcategories. The latter are composed by products that belong to the same category.

  • the rosary is a subcategory of “religious articles”
  • the chalice is a subcategy of “liturgical supply”
  • the ambo is the a sucategory of “religious building and architecture”
If you forget your password, do not worry! You can always reset it, by clicking here. Note: the password recovery is possible only if you are registered on the platform


The manufacturer or service provider (e.g. restoration, maintenance, installations assistance, utilities, ...) can be advertisers.
If you are interested in ereligio and you are a manufacturer or a service provider, you only have to register as advertiser and buy one of our subscription plans: START or PREMIUM.
We have studied 2 subscription plans: START and PREMIUM. Both of them allow you to upload an endless number of your products. That also allows you to present all your production news. Go to the subscription plans to see the costs.
Once you choose your subscription plan – START or PREMIUM – it is possible to increase you visibility by selecting among the extra opportunities that you can consult here. For more info, do not hesitate and contact us.

Of course!
After choosing your subscription plan, you can always register another brand with a special price. For the START subscription the cost is € 399,00 while the PREMIIUM one has a cost of € 699,00.
That is available among the extra opportunities (link) reserved to advertisers
There is no limit on ereligio.
Each company has the opportunity to upload an endless number of products.
Once you decided to become advertiser, you will have to access to MY ERELIGIO with you credentials and click on NEW PRODUCT. Following the instructions, in a few steps you will be able to upload your product.
When you login to MY ERELIGIO with your credentials, after clicking on MY PRODUCTS, you will be able to do all the changes that you want
All those areas where you can find products and services with common features are categories.
In this right moment, you can find 12 categories on ereligio:
  • Community furniture
  • consumable products
  • different religious services
  • funeral items
  • installations
  • liturgical furniture
  • liturgical supply
  • religious articles
  • religious building and architecture
  • sacred art
  • sacred vestments and clothing
  • statues
Subcategories are all those products and services that belong to the same category ( e.g. icons, panting, crucifixes, rosaries, …they all belong to the category RELIGIOUS ARTICLES)
At the moment, ereligio supports Italian and English, but sooner it will support other languages, such as French, Portuguese, Spanish and German.
While you upload a product, you will see that you will have the possibility to write both name and description of your product in 6 languages (Italian, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and German). That is because ereligio will be available in different languages.
In order to publish a product, you need to write its name and description at least in Italian and English. If you have the chance to add them in other languages, that would be highly recommended.