Among the most used accessories to create a church audio system are mixers, amplifiers, electronic players for the bell tower and microphones.

Essential accessories for church sound system

The mixer is a fundamental tool for the correct balance of the different sound sources present in the church, such as the voice of the celebrant and choir, the musical instruments and the readers. Thanks to modern technology, the latest generation mixers allow you to obtain a clear and balanced sound, able to make the liturgy understandable even to the faithful furthest from the altar.

The amplifier is another essential component of the church audio system, which allows you to amplify the sound produced by the mixer and spread it throughout the structure. Thanks to digital technology, the latest generation amplifiers are able to manage the sound in a precise and detailed way, guaranteeing excellent quality even in large and noisy environments.

The electronic player for the bell tower is instead a new generation instrument that allows you to faithfully reproduce the sound of the bells, without having to resort to the physical presence of the bell ringer. This system is particularly useful in churches where the bell tower is distant from the church itself, or where the bells have been damaged or are no longer able to ring.

Lastly, microphones represent a fundamental tool for the transmission of sound in church, allowing the faithful to easily follow the speeches of the celebrant, the choir and the other participants in the liturgy. Thanks to modern technology, the latest generation church microphone is able to pick up sound in detail and to amplify it in a natural way, making listening to the liturgy more pleasant and understandable for everyone.