Funeral articles: including cinerary urns and cemetery articles

Cinerary urns are funeral articles used to preserve the ashes of a person after cremation: there are different types, including those in marble, glass or precious ones with gold inserts.

The marble urns are considered the most classic and traditional, they are made of white or colored marble and can be decorated with personalized drawings and engravings.

The glass urns, on the other hand, are very modern and transparent and allow a view of the ashes inside them. These are available in various colors and can be customized with a photo or text.

Lastly, precious urns with gold or silver details are the most luxurious. They are often decorated with precious stones or elaborate carvings, and come in various styles.

Each of these options offers a wide range of choices that can meet the needs of every family who decides to buy this particular funeral item to keep their loved ones close to them.

Funeral accessories: the most common cemetery items

Cemetery lanterns, plaques and applications are just some of the objects used to adorn graves. These cemetery items not only deal with the decorative aspect of the burial, but are also a way to express the affection and gratitude that was felt and is felt towards the deceased.

Tombstones are another important aspect of grave care and can be simple or elaborate, but they should reflect the personality of the deceased and provide important information about his life. Also in this case, attention to quality and elegance is fundamental, since these are elements that will be present for many years.