What to pay attention to for the care of sacred art

When we talk about sacred art restoration and the different types of restoration or care services for churches, we also think about cleaning and conservation of sacred art.
These objects can be statues, paintings, frescoes or other decorative elements that are inside the building whose cleanliness is essential to remove dirt accumulated over time, dust and other pollutants. Restoration experts, to whom it is essential to turn in these cases, use specific products for the conservation of the surfaces of these objects. 

Another type of attention concerns the preservation of ancient sacred art objects in order to prevent further damage due to factors such as humidity, extreme weather conditions or natural wear and tear. Vestment restoration experts can use techniques such as climate preservation to maintain constant temperature and humidity inside the church.

The actual restoration, on the other hand, concerns the repair of sacred art objects damaged due to factors such as bad weather, pollution or vandalism. Experts can use repair techniques such as welding, painting, and replacing damaged parts to restore sacred art objects to their original condition.

The restoration of sacred art inside the churches is crucial to preserve the beauty and history of these important religious buildings. There are different types of activities that can be performed to keep a church in order but it is important that these are carried out regularly to ensure that the building remains in good condition and can be enjoyed by future generations.