We have created 2 subscription plans: START and PREMIUM.
Both of them allow you to publish an endless number of products. Moreover, the subscription plan lets you also present the latests of your production. In addition, you can always maintain online the evergreens and articles or services that can be always provided. Compared to the START subscription, the PREMIUM includes a number of promotional services that guarantee greater visibility.



1.399,00 €

3.099,00 €


Company account


Catalogue [pdf]




QR code**


Announcement board**



Unlimited published products


[30 days]


Firts position on researches
[15 days]


Banner slide category
[30 days]


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Attention to details

All advertisers have a standard view of the company and products page layout.  Attention to details such as the description, the choice of photos and the inclusion of as many details as possible allow companies to take full advantage of the opportunities provided by ereligio. Each advertisement must be carefully realized, in order to arouse the customer's curiosity. That has to lead the him/her to visit the company profile, but also to conclude the information request.

Company profile

- Name of the company
- Company logo 
- Brand (if ≠ from the company logo)
- Banner
- Address
- Info request
- Website
- Representative of the company*
- Languages spoken*
- Retailers list*


Endless products

- Name of the product
- Description of the product
- Detailed features (weight, height, width, materials, colours, style, ...)
- Photo (from 1 to 4 images)
- Technical data sheet [pdf]*
- Video*