M.D.A. Metalli d’Arte Srl
M.D.A. Metalli d’Arte Srl
Strada del Lavoro 211
47894 Chiesanuova

M.D.A. Metalli d’Arte S.r.l. production of religious articles and restoration of sacred art articles.

M.D.A. Metalli d'Arte s.r.l. designs and manufactures religious items such as chalices, ciboriums, monstrances, reliquaries, shrines, candlesticks and sacred furnishings. Everything is created using materials such as: silver, brass, filigree and enamel. Moreover, we are able to design and manufacture sacred articles such as: altars, ambos, statues, urns and structures of any kind. Our company takes care of the different stages, from design to final assembly of the works we produce, guaranteeing costs, competitive prices and great versatility in meeting our customers' needs, while keeping delivery times very short. M.D.A. Metalli d'Arte S.r.l. has an internal galvanic process that uses 23.5 kt thick gold and 100% pure silver.

All the religious articles that we produce are protected by a transparent varnish that prevents oxidation.

OWNER: Corbelli Francesco
Montanari Barbara
LANGUAGES SPOKEN: Italian (Montanari); English and Spanish (Corbelli)