Module, "3in1" machine: Sweeper - Washer-dryer - Vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaner, Scrubber Dryer, Sweeper
Cement, Wood, Marble
MODULE: the scrubber dryer / sweeper suitable for every task

Thanks to their modular and combinable structure and to the perfect combination of 2 different cleaning modes (sweeper and scrubber dryer) Module machines, the most representative models of Multi Mode Line, represent since many years the most popular and common choice for the daily cleaning of churchs and religious buildings, able to accomplish “alone” the cleaning tasks which usually would require the combined job of more devices.
Vacuum cleaner, Scrubber Dryer, Sweeper
Cement, Wood, Marble
Power Supply
Rechargeable Batteries, Power supply
500 - 1000 W
1000 rpm
Working width
350 - 500 - 710 mm
50 - 87 Kg
Technical Sheet