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 Rochets: the liturgical vestments for altar ministers

The rochets are liturgical garments used by church ministers during the celebration of Mass. Generally, they consist of a light and breathable fabric, such as linen or cotton, and are characterized by the presence of narrow sleeves and the length that reaches up to the feet. The rochets are available in different models

Among the religious vestments, a series of elements used by the ministers of the altar during the celebration of mass. Among these, we also find the chasuble, the pivial, the stole and the maniple. The Chasuble is the main garment, generally made of precious and richly decorated fabrics. The cope is a cape worn on the chasuble, used especially during solemn ceremonies. The stole is a long ribbon worn around the neck of the minister, while the maniple is worn on the left forearm during Eucharistic celebrations by figures such as the bishop, the presbyter, the deacon and the subdeacon, so to allow it to hang on both sides. 

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Among the products, there are rochets of different lengths and fabrics, suitable for the needs of priests and altar boys. In addition, we offer a wide selection of religious vestments, from the most classic and sober models to the most elaborate and decorated.

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